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Light Housekeeping

You’re probably wondering, “What is considered light housekeeping for a caregiver?” It’s very different from the deep cleanings done by a private cleaning firm. Rather, light housekeeping entails a small number of duties that are specific task to your client’s requirements. 

Light Housekeeping duties may include:

Cooking area cleanup.

You may prepare meals that are germ-free by cleaning the countertops and the kitchen.

Cleaning up.

Eliminating anything from the floor that can present a tripping risk or that is crowding the surfaces. Clear sink of dirty dishes by loading them in a dishwasher or hand washing.

Mopping and Vacuuming.

Combination vacuums and mops work by sucking up dry crumbs, hair, and other debris while simultaneously mopping up water, mud, and other wet messes. A clean, well-organized, and safe home will translate to allowing clients to maintain that much-needed independence

Alternating the sheets.

The bed will be more pleasant for your customer to sleep in if the bedclothes are removed, laundered, and changed.

Lightly cleaning the bathroom.

Cleaning the bathroom will help your client stay healthier because bathrooms tend to accumulate a lot of bacteria.

Doing the laundry.

You can clean clothes and linens in a washing machine, using laundry detergent. Always wear disposable gloves when handling soiled clothes or linens. And always wash them separately from other items. Using
disposable gloves, wipe off any stool with paper towels.

Taking out the trash.

We know it’s important to maintain a clean and clutter-free environment. We must be taking out the trash which can translate to a feeling of calm and relaxation. When the house is clean, items are less likely to be misplaced or become obstacles to a senior’s mobility.