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Medication Reminder

Make sure your loved one takes their medication right. Using the latest technology, hundreds of devices, mobile apps, and alarm clocks can provide caregivers with the assistance they need. We have few examples to ensure your loved one receives the proper dosages.

Senior Medication Alarms

Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer: The Sagely Smart weekly automatic pill dispenser comes with a free reminder app for Apple and Android devices. This way seniors will be reminded to take their medicines no matter where they are as long as they have a smartphone.

Med-Q Digital Pill Box Dispenser

An alarm clock and pill box dispenser are integrated into this medication reminder device. To remind you which pill to take, a loud, blaring alarm is accompanied by a light-up pill box. Its top displays the time and estimated battery life. It also has an antiskid bottom that provides secure placement.

Medical Reminder

Med Minder can be rented on a monthly basis and features compartments that unlock only at a pre-scheduled time

Tab time Vibe Vibrating Pill alarm Reminder

This device comes with 5 tablet compartments and five audio and vibrating programmable alarms that make it great for traveling and when on the move. The device allows you to set a daily vibrating alarm to ensure you are taking your meds on time no matter where you are.

Caregivers can access the apps, gadgets, and modern technology they require to keep track of the medical needs of their patients.